It is located in a alternative neighbourhood with lots of graffiti, dark gas lanterns and dog shit. Although the location is rated the lowest, we think it is our main selling point.

If you like the same quality beds and bathroom facilities in a more upscale shopping district right next to the underground stop reading any further and check out JETpak Flashpacker.

If you are still interested here is what we offer:

Location right next to Görlitzer Park in the “Wrangel Kiez” neighbourhood next to Berlins famous bars and clubs like Watergate, Magnet, Lido and Berghain. The area offers a wide range of eateries of which some stay open 24/7 and are all reasonably priced. Local sighseeing spots are the East Side Gallery, the Soviet War Memorial and the abandoned amusement park, all within walking distance.

For information concerning the inside of the hostel feel free to read the reviews in the box on the right side of the page. Start with the negative ones first!

We are not a party hostel, which means we do incourage people to meet and get in contact with each other but don't want people to party in the rooms and play drinking games all night because there is so much to explore in Berlin Kreuzberg. Also we believe the hostel should be a base to rest and recover in a safe, clean and quiet environment so you can enjoy all the best bars and clubs with more energy.


Warning! This hostel is not for the faint of heart.

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